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Greater than 80% of our lives are online.  Yet, greater than 80% of adults have no wills.  Even fewer have a digital will component.  Wills are costly, wills are time consuming and quite frankly no one wants to think about ‘the end’ until it’s too late.  Even if you did finally make a will, no one knows how to arrange your digital items for loved ones to enjoy.  Result? Money is lost every day, possessions are lost every day, and worst of all, memories are lost every day.  Solution? A beautiful life-centric legacy experience which allows you to connect with friends and family now, and gently build your legacy as you go including your legal will.  Tripple is free to download and it’ll change your life and those that you love for generations.


Why Tripple

Peace of Mind for You and Your
Loved Ones.

Protect your assets and ensure they’ll be inherited by your Friends and Family into the future


Arrange, link and send your Digital will to your loved ones.


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Why Tripple

Peace of Mind For You and Your Loved Ones

Welcome to Tripple, the Digital Legacy app that helps you preserve and share your memories for generations to come. In today's digital age, our online presence and digital footprint have become a significant part of our lives. But have you ever thought about what happens to your digital life when you're gone? Your social media accounts, photos, digital assets, financial holdings and digital records could be lost forever. That's where Tripple comes in - by creating a Digital Legacy, you can be remembered for your life, not just your online presence. Our app allows you to securely create and curate your digital will, your experiences, values, and life story in a way that can be shared with your loved ones and future generations. Arrange all of your digital items, and Tripple will contact your loved ones and grant access to all you have left behind to those you intend to receive it. Join us in building a Digital Legacy that will stand the test of time.  Download the free Tripple app by clicking the download buttons above.

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